Leave a gift in your Will

By leaving a gift in your Will to the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) you will keep supporting your passion for a sustainable future.

We understand that during your lifetime you may not be able to offer as much financial support as you would like to causes that are important to you. After you have taken care of your family and loved ones, including the ATA in your Will is a way to leave a lasting legacy.

As new sustainable technologies appear, an independent organisation providing research, education and advocacy is essential for everybody. The ATA is a unique and respected voice in this way, and your support will ensure that we create a better world for future generations.

Informing us of your intentions is an opportunity for the ATA to get to know you the way you want to be remembered. We would also value the opportunity to thank you, our donor, while ensuring we respect your privacy wishes.

If you have already included a gift to the ATA in your Will or would like to be contacted for more information, please download and fill the ATA Bequest Form.

How to leave a gift to the ATA in your Will

The first step in estate planning is to make sure you look after your loved ones (family and close friends). If you decide to leave a gift to the ATA in your Will, let them know your intentions.

There are a number of ways you can leave a gift to the ATA in your Will:

  • A residuary gift is a way of passing on the remainder of your estate to your chosen beneficiaries, once you’ve provided for your loved ones.
  • A percentage of your estate specifies the share that each of your beneficiaries receive.
  • A pecuniary gift is a stated sum of money.

Visit a solicitor to gain independent legal advice and to have your Will written or updated. We recommend (and probably your solicitor would too) that it is better to not be too specific in the Will’s bequest conditions as circumstances and the timing of the bequest may change.

Some standard wording you may wish to use in your Will

I bequeath [the whole/a percentage/something specific/residue] of my estate to the Alternative Technology Association (ABN: 57 533 056 318) of 1/39 Little Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria or its successor organisation for purposes, free from all duties. The receipt of any authorised officer of this organisation is sufficient discharge to my executors in respect of that gift.

Please let us know if you decide to leave a donation in your Will by filling in the ATA Bequest Form. Knowing that you have left a gift helps us plan for the future and will let us know how you would like to be thanked.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about leaving a bequest to the ATA please contact our CEO Donna Luckman at donna@ata.org.au or 03 9631 5410.

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